About Us

About Us


The purpose of NZAI is to support students and classroom teachers by building productive partnerships and quality assessment across the education system. It is a member-led organisation to foster collaborative sharing amongst educators, leaders, professional development providers, researchers and policy makers interested in and responsible for assessment practice, policy or research. Members share experiences and ideas, discuss and debate assessment matters, and develop and/or extend expertise related to assessment. Stronger connections between research, policy and practice will enhance system understanding and capability in educational assessment.

What we do?

NZAI coordinates and mobilises knowledge about improving assessment, by:

  • connecting people interested in assessment across NZ and internationally
  • sharing current research and information about assessment
  • being pro-active and future-focused in relation to issues in assessment policy, data, technologies, research and professional practice nationally and internationally
  • advocating for, and responding to, issues related to the development and implementation of policies, guidelines, and practices for assessment in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • convening periodic seminars and conferences to enable members to share experiences, discuss, debate, and develop practices and professional learning related to assessment that inform policy, research and professional practice, as well as student and system learning.


Internationally and nationally, we have new opportunities in assessment. There is growing interest in assessing progress in student learning as well as finding ways to measure contemporary skills and knowledge required for life and employment.  The current review of NCEA and schools no longer being required to report National Standards results to parents and the Ministry create opportunities for new conversations, thinking and assessment processes. We need to value what works from the past and develop new ways of understanding the impact of curriculum and other influences on learning. Collectively we plan to work together to broaden and deepen understandings, and develop innovative assessment approaches to inform learning and teaching programmes, and evaluate impact.

Principles and values

The principles and values of the NZAI include commitment to:

  • the Tiriti o Waitangi partnership
  • learning and wellbeing throughout the system
  • promoting accurate, high quality and usable assessment
  • enabling equity
  • all levels of the education system.