The New Zealand Assessment Institute (NZAI) is an advocacy body focused on improving system capability in educational assessment. NZAI provides an authoritative voice that draws on a strong evidence-base of research and best practice. It is a non-profit, flexible, member-led organisation that fosters collaborative sharing amongst educators, leaders, researchers and policy makers who have interests in, and responsibility for, New Zealand assessment policy, research and practice.

NZAI is a culturally responsive, independent, evidence-based voice representing sound practice in assessment. It is improvement oriented and focused on contributing to an assessment capable education system.

Our National Assessment Conference is going virtual!

We’ve made the decision to move our National Assessment Conference to be fully virtual. While we’re disappointed that we won’t be able to meet with you all kanohi ti ke kanohi, we’re very pleased that we’re able to offer you access to our exciting range of speakers in the virtual space. Although the medium is changed, the quality of the presentations and workshops is unchanged.

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The purpose of NZAI is to support students and classroom teachers by building productive partnerships and quality assessment across the education system. It is a member-led organisation that fosters collaborative sharing amongst educators, leaders, professional development providers, researchers and policy makers interested in and responsible for assessment practice, policy or research.

Members share experiences and ideas, discuss and debate assessment matters, and develop and/or extend expertise related to assessment. Stronger connections between research, policy and practice will enhance system understanding and capability in educational assessment.