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These pages are a repository for news and resources on assessment relevant to New Zealand education.

Assessment Seminars 2018

The informative and interactive seminars were attended by over 300 educators.

Click here for the Christchurch seminar resources.

Click here for the Wellington seminar resources.

Click here for the Auckland seminar resources.


International Educational Assessment Network 

The International Educational Assessment Network (IEAN) was established at the end of May, 2018.  The small nations/states include:  Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia, New Zealand, Ontario (Canada), Norway, and Singapore.

Our president, Dr Jenny Poskitt, was the New Zealand research representative at the recent IEAN meeting. Her  notes give us insights into common issues faced by member countries. Click here for Jenny’s notes.

Thoughts on Curriculum and Assessment from a New Zealand teacher in London

Sue Leslie, a teacher and assessment facilitator of long standing in the New Zealand education community, has been living and teaching in London for the last couple of years. She has some thoughts on the differences between the New Zealand and English curriculum and assessment systems, and some suggestions. Click here for Sue’s article.