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These pages are a repository for news and resources on assessment relevant to New Zealand education.

Online access to Assessment PPP and its Companion Guide

At NZAI we published our guide to effective assessment – Assessment to Improve Learning: Principles, Practices and Proof, and its associated Companion Guide – at the beginning of 2021. Every school across the country received two copies of the booklets, as did many of the educational agencies. We are delighted to provide online access, available to all, to supplement the physical copies.

Go to online links to the publications here.

A bank of links and resources to support the Assessment PPP and the Companion Guide will be available soon. 

Webinar Library

Since the beginning of 2020 we’ve been pleased to offer a number of webinars that focus on assessment topics.  

You can find copies of all the webinars and the power points used in the presentations by clicking here. 

Recent webinars include: 

  • Impact of COVID-19 on students’ high stakes assessment in NZ: thrive, survive or dive?
  • An exploration of Aromatawai
  • Reviewing your assessment practices
  • Data coaching to lift teacher capability: a success story
  • Assessment Principles, Practices and Proof: An Introduction

Keep an eye out for this upcoming article by Dr Jenny Poskitt!

Our March ’22 webinar, presented by NZAI president Jenny Poskitt, addressed the impact of COVID-19 on high stakes assessment in Aotearoa New Zealand.

To supplement this recent webinar, NZAI members should look out for an article by Dr Poskitt which will be published in May this year.

The article will be published in Volume 22 (No. 1) of the Australian Journal of Middle Schooling in May this year. When referencing this article, please refer to the published version at


School articles written during lockdown

Finding the Goldilocks Zone – One school’s approach to distance learning

Chris Bradbeer, Associate Principal of Stonefields School in Auckland, explains how his school aimed to keep teaching and learning at a high level, based on a sound balance between targeted learning, social connections, and enjoyable challenges.

Click here for Chris’s article.

School Life under Lockdown – Looking after our community through distance learning

Angela Thorogood of Prospect School in West Auckland explains how leaders and teachers based their distance learning procedures around the school values of whanaungatanga, rangatiratanga, ako and kaitiakitanga. 

Click here for Angela’s article.

School reflections after lockdown

Lessons from Lockdown – Reflections on the COVID-19 rāhui

Kaye Brunton, Principal of Ngati Toa School in Porirua, reflects on her school’s experiences of distance learning during lockdown. “What we do think is that we are part of our children’s quality worlds, and that there are bigger things than just achievement that school provides.”

Click here for Kaye’s article.

Assessment for learning and home learning

Vivienne Mallabar, Leader of Learning at Ormiston Junior College, explores the successes and challenges of distance learning, and how teachers included the fundamental assessment for learning practices. The school is now interested in exploring a blended online/offsite form of learning, 

Click here for Vivienne’s article.

Article by Dr Jenny Poskitt, NZAI President, written as schools came out of lockdown, May 2020

Be kind and create space for learning, not testing

As schools came back to face-to-face learning, Associate Professor Jenny Poskitt wrote that they should focus on the main purpose of schooling – learning. It was not the time for the testing and other formal assessments normally done at that time of the year in preparation for reporting to parents and whānau, because this time things had changed.

At that time, she said, the focus was on students and whānau sharing learning information with schools, essential learning gained in the time of the COVID-19 lockdown and schooling at home. 

Click here for Jenny’s article.

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Resources from 2018 and 2019 seminars and meetings

NZAI held national and regional assessment seminars in 2018 and 2019. We’ve collected resources from these seminars for you.

Click the links below to go to the resources.

Meeting notes from the International Educational Assessment Network 

The International Educational Assessment Network (IEAN) was established at the end of May, 2018.  The small nations/states include:  Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia, New Zealand, Ontario (Canada), Norway, and Singapore.

Our president, Dr Jenny Poskitt, is the New Zealand research representative at the IEAN meetings. Her  notes give us insights into common issues faced by member countries.

Click here for Jenny’s notes for the 2018 meeting.

Click here for Jenny’s notes for the 2020 online meeting.


Assessment for Learning guide

This guide, for school and curriculum leaders, covers informal assessment for learning in the classroom, assessment tools and advice on choosing assessment tools for the right purposes.
It will support schools to review their assessment policies and procedures and can be used for ongoing review.

Download it here.

Thoughts on Curriculum and Assessment from a New Zealand teacher in London

Sue Leslie, a teacher and assessment facilitator of long standing in the New Zealand education community, has been living and teaching in London for the last couple of years. She has some thoughts on the differences between the New Zealand and English curriculum and assessment systems, and some suggestions. Click here for Sue’s article.