Our People

The New Zealand Assessment Institute (NZAI) is the initiative of Dr Jenny Poskitt and Michael Absolum.

Dr Poskitt is a senior lecturer in the Institute of Education at Massey University. She has experience as a primary school teacher, parent, researcher, university lecturer and member of numerous national advisory groups.

Michael Absolum is a director of Evaluation Associates Ltd, a highly regarded professional development provider in educational assessment. He is the author of influential assessment publications for teachers.



Michael Absolum


Evaluation Associates Ltd


Dr Jenny Poskitt

Senior lecturer

Inst. of Education, Massey University

Members of the steering committee 

Anne Purves

Education Consultant

Evaluation Associates, New Plymouth

Kerry Mitchell


Education Group, Auckland

Dr Mustafa Asil

Research Fellow

Educational Assessment Research Unit, University of Otago

Alison Gilmore

Associate Professor Advisor/senior researcher on NMSSA

Educational Assessment Research Unit, University of Otago

Beverley Booth


Devonport Primary School, Auckland

Dr Peter Rawlins

Senior Lecturer

Inst. of Education, Massey University

Julie Morris

Deputy Principal
(Student achievement)

Raumati Beach School, Paraparaumu

Kaye Brunton


Ngatitoa School, Wellington

Angela Thorogood

Assistant Principal

Prospect School, Auckland

Dr Mary Hill

Associate Professor

Faculty of Education & Social Work, University of Auckland

Bronwen Cowie

Professor of Education

University of Waikato

Elliot Lawes


NZ Council for Educational Research

Robyn Caygill

Senior analyst and National Research Coordinator for TIMSS

Ministry of Education