1115 – Using the PPP Principles to look at narrative

Vivienne Mallabar is a founding Assistant Leader of Learning at Ormiston Junior College, opened in 2017 in Flatbush in Auckland. In this presentation she explains the transdisciplinary approach to learning across the school, based on student agency and student self efficacy. Student progress is based on narrative assessment and evidenced through digital badging that shows learners’ achievement and competencies at levels 4 and 5 of the curriculum. In this presentation Vivienne explains how the school is now using the principles, practices and proofs in the NZAI Assessment PPP publications to test the robustness of their approach. 



1115 – Using the PPP Principles to look at narrative.mp4

Categories: Conference 2023
Tags: assessment for learning, Assessment PPP, digital badges, narrative assessment, years 1-13