1330 – What has improved as a result

Mary-Angela Tombs, principal of St Francis de Sales School and Bernadette Murfitt, principal of Sacred Heart Cathedral School, are co-leaders of the Wellington Catholic Schools’ Kāhui Ako. Their presentation addresses two vital questions that they ask themselves at each meeting of the leadership team: What has improved as a result of the Kāhui Ako? How do we know? 

After more than four years as co-leaders of a diverse community of learners across the capital city, they have some stories to share about navigating choppy seas – and guiding their schools towards a shared vision – and what a huge challenge it has been! They will share what they’ve learnt from their years of involvement in the Kāhui Ako, and how they’ve been able to build something very special across the 13 schools.


Categories: Conference 2023
Tags: evaluative capability, kāhui ako, years 1-13